Amy Willerton

Personal Profile:
Age 18
Height 5'9"
Hair Colour Dark Blond
Hair Length Very Long
Skin Tone Olive
Eye Colour Hazel
To name a few of my acheivements ; At 17 I produced and organised a charity event; Bristol Rockstyle that was attended by over 400 people and raised over £2000 for children with disabilities. The event included a fashion show with an eco-friendly section and all designs made 100% from recycled products, whilst a live band (base 6) performed a song called 'Change' - which demonstrated the reasoning and story behind the clothes. Academically, I achieved 13 GCSE's and 3 A levels - one of which was an A*. I also set up an anti-bullying scheme aged 14 that involved making older students within my school available to talk with younger students anonymously about any issues or problems they were going through. After completing my GCSE’s I began to do volunteer mentoring with new students joining the school and still to do this maintain a close relationship with many of them which has made the experience even more rewarding.
I have been involved in much drama work from a young age, achieving honours in numerous LAMDA examinations. Academically I attended a specialist performing arts college and through that achieved a GCSE in Drama and soon an A level in Performing Arts. I attended Drama Youth Theatre for many years, and after completing the available courses I continued to attend as an assistant. Sports wise, I love to get outside through surfing, cycling, and running – and have completed the race for life for the last six years whilst raising money for Breast Cancer Research. I am also a keen skier and I plan on my gap year to hopefully do a ski season in the Alps and turn my basic French into fluency! From a young age I have always loved extreme sports, and have been blessed that in the past I have the opportunity to do parasailing, wakeboarding, snowboarding, kayaking, kite surfing, rock climbing, mountain climbing and windsurfing in the past. And will be completing a skydive for charity later this year! Those close to me however will argue that most definitive talent is debate! I have been part of various debating clubs, a member of the school council, and was on a gifted and talented list for persuasive speech and writing. And to this day continue to have an interest in politics and current affairs
Interests and Hobbies
I love being in the great outdoors! And keeping fit through surfing, skiing and rock climbing. I'm a bit of a dare devil and love all kinds of extreme sports! I adore performing arts and the freedom of creation it gives. I'm finally a self confessed history nerd - And love the richly cultured past of Great Britain! The Tudor era is where I'm in my element!
My ultimate ambition is currently to be a national representative - Nothing satisfies me more than helping and inspiring others. I believe in becoming the change I wish to see in the world and I know in my heart that if given the opportunity I could have an impact of positive difference.
Environmental Message
I have been involved with a campaign known as 'We are what we do' since I was 16, the message being put fourth is small changes x lots of people = a massive difference. I believe if everyone contributed just one small change to their lives and stuck to it - we would be on our way to creating positive difference around the world. As a passionate and social person I always try to inspire those around me to make the right choices for everyone.