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Photographs do not have to be of a professional standard but they must be of a good, clear quality and must only be of you.

Beauty Pageant Title Entry Rules -  Former winners of National titles in the UK but not former Miss Earth national winners may enter 2017.  Regional title holder / finalist from UK pageant's are eligible to enter Miss Earth 2016. New applicants who have never entered a beauty pageant are more than welcome to enter Miss Earth 2017. A former Miss Earth finalist, Teen Finalist /  Teen UK winner may enter Senior division when 18+, runner up and award winners are eligible to re enter 2017. A former Miss Earth finalist who is now married or has children may enter our over 26 category NEW for 2017.

Between the ages of 18 and 26,  Must not be married to qualify as a "Miss" or have a child (May enter Miss Earth) which LEADS to the international final of Miss Earth

Between the ages of 18 and over 27 years old OR may be a mother and or legally married (Can enter Ms/Mrs Earth) which DOES NOT lead to the international final of Miss Earth  
Between the ages of 13 and 17 (Can enter Miss TEEN Earth) which DOES NOT lead to the international final of Miss Earth  

Minimum height of 5 feet 4 inches for Miss Earth - (No Minimum height for Junior/Teen or Ms/Mrs category) 

Outgoing and friendly

Must be a U.K. and Irish citizen & hold a valid U.K. passport. (Northern Ireland may hold an Irish passport)

If selected as the overall winner (senior division 18+, maybe 17 years old if 18 years old by October 2017) you must be able to attend the International Miss EARTH in Autumn (MISS EARTH 2017 Coronation event TBC in November -  December 2017).

Important -
Once your application is submitted by pressing the SEND button at the bottom of this page. You will be sent to a "Thank You" page with further information and our Terms and Conditions of entrant for future record. If your pictures are too large you may experience difficulty sending or a long delay loading your entry form once you have pressed the SEND button.

If you are not directed to our "Thank You" page your entry form may not have been sent to us and you will need to go over your entry form to see if any areas are highlighted for you to complete. If no areas on the form are highlighted check the size of your photographs you are attaching to your entry form and resize smaller. If the problem is not resolved by resizing your pictures email us at Please note this entry form will not send if you do not click the box below to state you have understood the above entry requirements.

We wish you the very best of luck with your application into the prestigious United Kingdom's official entry to one of the top 3 competitions in the world of international televised beauty pageants.